Leveling The Playing Field For The Honest Merchant

Welcome to Chargeback Experts.  You have taken the first step in your battle against chargeback loss.  Don't let any more of your hard-earned money slip out of your bank account and into the hands of those who take unethical advantage of the chargeback system.

Chargeback losses are an inevitable part of business. Merchants feel helpless at the hands of a merchant-unfriendly chargeback system.

We know how to work within the system to defeat the issuing banks and to recover money that you would otherwise never get back.  We know the self-defense secrets that your chargeback center won't tell you.

Don't believe that you have no chance of recovering your funds.  You can recover these funds. We will make sure you do.

  • outstanding win rate
  • no up front out-of-pocket cost to you
  • increase your win ratio 
  • control your own refund policy
  • each case handled personally from start to finish
  • keep your money in your bank account
Call us immediately at 866 530 6556 or e-mail us at info@chargebackexperts.com.

The sooner you contact us, the better chance you have of recovering your funds.

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